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Best Guitar Pedal Boards (Non-Powered) – 2019 Reviews

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If you have more than one guitar effects pedal, it’s time to consider buying a pedal board.  And this review of the best guitar pedal boards will help you find a great one in your price range.

A pedal board is one of the highest value pieces of gear you’ll ever buy. 

A well-organized pedal board really makes life much easier, whether at home, in the studio, or at a gig.  It will:

  • Organize your effects pedals in the right order
  • Protect them from damage
  • Protect effects settings from being changed in transport
  • Speed up rehearsals, recording sessions, and playing time – your pedals are always set to go, just plug and play
  • Make the transportation of your pedals fast and easy

Pedal boards are available from budget options to high-end custom editions.  There really is no one “best pedal board”, only pedal boards with different features and price points.

I’ve chosen the top pedalboards that provide lots of features, quality construction, and are an excellent value for the price.

Looking For the Best Powered Pedal Board Reviews?

The following pedal board reviews are for non-powered/ un-powered pedal boards only.  Please see our separate article on powered pedal boards reviews.

No, Pedals Are Not Included!

Because many photos of pedalboards show them full of effects pedals, the #1 frequently asked question is: “Do the pedals come with the pedalboard?”. 

The answer is no.  Pedals are shown in the pictures for illustration only. But these pics are handy for seeing how many pedals they can hold; sizes listed (like Small, Medium, or Large) can vary significantly from one manufacturer to another.

What To Look For When Buying A Pedalboard

If you’re shopping for your first pedal board, my How To Choose An Effects Pedal Board article will give you an in-depth understanding of what to look for and pro tips on choosing one. 

Best Affordable/ Starter Pedal Boards For Guitar (Under $200)

Prices accurate as of:

Top Guitar Pedal Boards ($200 to $500)

Prices accurate as of:

Best Affordable/ Beginner Pedal Boards For Guitar (Under $200) Reviews

While pedal boards come in all different styles and price ranges, price is often a deciding factor when choosing a pedal board. 

So, for these reviews, I have eliminated any cheap pedal boards that don’t provide good value for the money.  But there are some inexpensive options here that are an excellent value for the money.  These are not all starter pedal boards for beginners; many are suitable for pro players too.

Mr. Power Guitar Effect Pedalboard Review

Mr.Power Pedalboard With Carry Bag Made By Aluminium Alloy (16inch-WithBag)

The Mr. Power line of guitar effects pedal boards is designed for entry-level guitarists or those only needing a very basic pedalboard.  It’s a no-frills but solid design that does the job very inexpensively.

The Guitar Effect Pedalboard comes in three different sizes.

The Small is 15” wide, single rail pedal board designed for a single row of pedals.   The Medium is 16” wide with two rails and can fit two rows of pedals. The Large is 18.5” wide with two rails and can also fit two rows of pedals. 

There is also a Mini version but at only a few dollars less than the Small you’re better off with the Small.

First off, all sizes are made of a special aluminum alloy that makes it lightweight yet sturdy.

The Mr. Power Guitar Effect Pedalboard can be used with just about any power supply.  But you should know that the power supply will have to be mounted on top of the pedalboard along with your effects – there’s no room underneath.  You’ll lose some of the pedalboard’s top space, so consider getting the Medium or Large version that will give you more space for pedals.

It also comes with a canvas gig bag with handle, and all the cable straps, ties, and clamps you’ll need.


  • Very inexpensive no-frills pedalboards provide an excellent value for the money
  • Best for those on a limited budget or with less than four pedals


  • Lack of space beneath the pedal board to mount power supply
  • Pedal board is flat and not angled (though some players prefer this)

Mr. Power Pedalboard Specs:

Available in:

Small (15” wide, single row):

Prices accurate as of:

Medium (16” wide, two rows):

Prices accurate as of:

Large (18.5” wide, two rows):

Prices accurate as of:

  • Construction: Aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Power Supply Mount: None
  • Case: Canvas gig bag with carrying handle
  • Comes With: 1 roll Velcro-type hook-and-loop tape, 10 cable straps, 10 cable ties, and 10 cable clamps

Gator Cases Aluminum Guitar Pedal Board Review

Gator Cases Aluminum Guitar Pedal Board with Carry Bag; Large: 23.75

The Gator Cases Guitar Pedal Board (GPB Series) is at the top of the list of many guitarists’ favorite pedalboard.  For guitarists wanting lots of features plus space for lots of pedals, the Gator Cases GPB pedal series is a choice for serious consideration.

Though inexpensive given its features and options, it is suitable for entry-level players as well as pros. 

Made of solid aluminum, the Gator Cases GPB features an angled platform with C-shape curves and rubber feet for stability.

Gator Case pedalboards come in three different sizes (Small, Large, and Extra Lange) and five colors – black, green, orange, white, and purple. You’re not limited to a “boring” black pedalboard if you want yours to make a visual statement.

The Small size is big enough to hold up to 4 standard-size pedals.  The Large can hold 9 or so standard size pedals, plus larger size volume or wah pedals.  The Extra Large is huge (32″ x 17″) and can hold up to 15 pedals.

The angle of the pedal board has adjustable rubber feet so you can find the right incline that works for you, a nice feature.  There are lots of perforated slots for running cables underneath to keep your board looking neat and tidy.  Velcro strips are included to attach your pedals.

For easy access, there’s a back cutout for the power supply’s power cable, keeping it out of sight.

The GPB series also includes a universal mounting bracket under the pedal board for use with popular power supplies like the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus or the Donner DP-4.


  • Heavy-duty aluminum chassis is sturdy and substantial
  • Lots of room to mount a power supply underneath
  • Angled pedal board has adjustable incline
  • All three sizes are very affordable


  • None for the pedal board, but frequent user complaints that the carry bag is not the best quality

Gator Cases Guitar Pedal Board Specs:

Size: Small (15.75″ x 7″):

Prices accurate as of:

Large (23.75″ x 10.66″):

Prices accurate as of:

Extra Large (32″ x 17″):

Prices accurate as of:

  • Construction: Aluminum
  • Colors available: Black, green, orange, white and purple
  • Power Supply Mount: Universal mounting bracket under the pedal board
  • Comes with: Heavy-duty nylon carry bag with strap, and Velcro strips.  The bag includes a zippered pocket.

Donner Guitar Pedal Board Case DB-3 Review

Donner Guitar Pedal Board Case DB-3 Aluminium Pedalboard 20'' x 11.4'' x 4'' with Bag

The Donner DB-3 pedalboard is a perfect choice for guitarists looking for an inexpensive larger size pedal board.  This one can comfortably hold up to 10 standard-size pedals.  Retailing well under $100, it’s a fantastic value for the money!

The vast majority of users love it and feel it stacks up very well against more expensive brands like Pedaltrain.

The aluminum board feels solid and sturdy even though it’s pretty lightweight.  It’s 4-rail design lets you lay out your pedals in 2 rows. Plus, it’s angled for better access to rear row pedals.

If you’re looking to add a power supply to the board, know that Donner’s DB-3 power supply does not fit well under the pedalboard.  But their DB-1 and DB-2 power supplies fit just fine.

All in all, a great budget-friendly choice you won’t outgrow soon!


  • Solid, high-quality pedalboard
  • Angled incline
  • Can fit up to 10 standard-size pedals, so it’s a great value for the money
  • Less expensive alternative to Pedaltrain pedal boards


  • Carry bag is lightweight and provides limited protection to your pedals
  • Donner DB-3 power supply does not fit

Donner Guitar Pedal Board Case DB-3 Specs:

Prices accurate as of:

  • Size: Large (20” x 11.4″), 4-rail
  • Weight: 2.54 lbs.
  • Construction: Aluminum alloy
  • Color: Black
  • Power Supply Mount: undermount or top mount
  • Comes with: Canvas bag, 60” of hook-and-loop, and two buckles included

Vangoa Ghostfire Guitar Pedal Board Review

Vangoa Ghost Fire Aluminum Guitar Pedal Board 22

The Vangoa Ghostfire Guitar Pedal Board series features four pedal boards with slightly different dimensions but identical features. All models are large aluminum alloy pedalboard that are perfect for guitarists at all levels.  A majority of 5-star reviews make these pedalboards a top choice to consider.

The Vangoa Ghostfire is well-designed and built like a tank – it can handle an adult standing on it with ease.

It features a 4-rail raised platform that can comfortably fit up to 10 standard-size pedals.  Plus, its deeper depth lets it comfortably accommodate larger volume or wah pedals.

This pedalboard has a great feature in that the rear legs fold down for quick transportation.

The Ghostfire comes with Velcro pre-installed on the rails, something usually found on more expensive pedal boards.

There are mounting brackets underneath that can fit popular power supply models, but not all models will fit.  These are a few models that will not fit under the board:

  • Decibel Eleven Hot Stone
  • Voodoo Lab 4x4
  • Walrus Aetos

One user’s recommended solution is to bend the mounting brackets a little to provide more room. Otherwise, you will need to mount the power supply on top of the board.

4 Ghostfire Options Available

On Amazon, the Ghostfire series is confusingly labeled Type A through Type D. 

Here are the main differences:

Type A: 19.7″x 11.8″x 3.9″, this is the least expensive and lightest (3.3 lbs.) model.  It does not come with a power supply mounting bracket. Velcro is pre-installed.  Comes with three pedal patch cables.

Type B: 16.9″x 12.6″x 2.2″, it’s deeper than type A but a little lighter at 3 lbs., and does not have folding legs.  Velcro is not pre-installed. Pedal patch cables are not included.  It comes with a backpack, not a carrying bag. 

Type C: 22″x 12.6″x 2.3″, this is the largest model and weighs the most (7.35 lbs. shipping weight), no folding legs, but it has a power supply mounting bracket.  Pedal patch cables are not included.  It comes with a backpack, not a carrying bag. 

Type D looks to be identical to Type A without the patch cables but comes with an upgraded bag.  Velcro is pre-installed.  


  • Excellent all-around large size pedal board
  • Very strong and solid yet lightweight
  • Velcro comes pre-installed on the rails
  • Overall excellent reviews by users


  • Some users complain that the included bag is thin and not high quality (The D model has an upgraded bag)
  • Some power supplies do not fit underneath

Vangoa Ghostfire Guitar Pedal Board Specs:

Type A:

Prices accurate as of:

Type B:

Prices accurate as of:

Type C:

Prices accurate as of:

Type D:

Prices accurate as of:

  • Size: Large, 4-rail
  • Construction: Aluminum alloy
  • Color: Black
  • Power Supply Mount: On Type B and Type C only
  • Comes with: Depends on the model – carry bag, five cable mount base holders, hook-and-loop tape, six cable ties, and three connecting cables

Pedaltrain Metro 24 (PT-M24-HC) Review

Pedaltrain has been making professional quality pedal boards since 1999.

Their Metro line of pedal boards has always been very popular.  There are three sizes available:

  • Metro 16 ( 16” X 8”)
  • Metro 20 (20” x 8”)
  • Metro 24 (24” x 8”)

I’m going to focus on the Metro 24 as it provides the best bang for your buck.

The Pedaltrain Metro 24 is a small to medium-size 3-rail pedal board for smaller effects rigs. At 24” X 8”, it can comfortably fit 5-6 standard-size pedals or more nano-size ones.

As -single row pedal boards, all three models are great solutions for players needing a grab and go, easily portable solution.

Because it’s intended for only 1 row of effects, the platform lies flat and is not angled.  And because the board lies flat on the ground, a power supply will have to be top mounted.

What I like about the Metro 24 model is that it comes with a lightweight hard case.  A professional-level pedal board that includes a hard case is hard to beat at this price.  That makes it a best buy.

Be sure to check out the smaller sizes if you’re looking for an excellent smaller pedal board.


  • Excellent value for a pedal board + hard case combo
  • Solid build – very sturdy
  • Lightweight and perfect for traveling guitarists
  • Includes lightweight hard case


  • Pedal board is flat, not angled
  • Most power supplies must be mounted on top, leaving less room for pedals

Pedaltrain Metro 24 (PT-M24-SC) Specs:

Prices accurate as of:

  • Size: 24” x 8”, 3-rail
  • Construction: Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Power Supply Mount: None
  • Comes with: Lightweight Hard Case, 60” of professional-grade adhesive-backed hook-and-loop, zip ties

Top Guitar Pedal Boards ($200 to $500) Reviews

Gator Cases G-TOUR Pedalboard-LGW Review

Gator Cases G-TOUR Series Gutiar Pedal board with ATA Road Case, Wheels and Pull Handle; Large: 24

The Gator Cases G-Tour series is designed for discriminating musicians who want a simple guitar effects pedal board plus maximum protection for their pedals.

This review is of the Large model (Gator Cases G-TOUR Pedalboard-LGW) though Small and Extra-Large models are also available.  The Large LGW model offers the best bang for the buck.

The Large LGW consists of a medium/large size (24” x 11”) pedal board that comes with an ATA road case.  An ATA designation certifies that the case adheres to certain standards of construction and materials and be able to withstand a minimum of 100 trips without damage. 

The pedal board itself is pretty basic – a one-piece platform with a slight angle.  It can fit about 10 standard-size pedals.

Note that it does not have holes or slats for managing cables; everything must be placed on the board, including a power supply.  Thus, to make things look neat and tidy, many users use coaxial cable clips to tie cables down.   Or you can drill your holes to run cables underneath.

The case/ pedal board combo is quite heavy at 21.15 lbs. without any effects pedals or power supply or cables.  With pedals installed, you’ll appreciate the built-in roller wheels, especially when schlepping gear to a gig or walking what always seems miles to an airport gate.

Gator includes professional-grade shock-absorbing EVA foam for the interior of the case for maximum protection and safety of your pedals. 

A stylish touch is Gator’s signature red hardware on the butterfly latches and grip handles, making it a pretty cool-looking case!

For a basic pedal board plus ATA hard case, this is an excellent package for a low price.


  • Great value for a professional ATA case + pedalboard combo
  • ATA road case is top-notch and provides serious protection
  • Lots of room at the bottom of the case to store extra cables, power strip, etc.


  • No room under the pedal board to mount a power supply
  • There are no holes or slots to hide cables – you will have to drill holes yourself or use clips to keep things tidy

Gator Cases G-TOUR Pedalboard Specs

Sizes Available: Small (17” x 11”), Large (24” x 11”), Extra Large (32″ x 17”)

Prices accurate as of:

  • Color: Black
  • Power Supply Mount: none
  • Case: ATA Road case with wheels and pull handle
  • Comes with: One roll of 3M Dual Lock tape

Holeyboard Dragonfly 3 Review

If you want to make a statement with your pedal board, the Holeyboard Dragonfly 3 is for you!

The Dragonfly 3 is not your parent’s pedal board. First off, its futuristic techno look will make your pedal rig the envy of other guitarists!

Second, tons of cool features make this a user’s favorite choice.  Other manufacturers are probably saying,” Why didn’t we think of that?”

Cool Stuff

Unlike any other pedalboard I’ve seen, the Dragonfly 3’s curved design is ergonomically designed for optimal playability and access to your pedals.

It’s designed to maximize space by having a bottom deck and a top deck.  Both are customizable– the top deck can be moved into four different positions, and the bottom deck expands to three different sizes.  The top deck is angled for better access to your pedals in the back row.

With ten different size options and configurations, you can adjust it until it works perfectly for you.  Fully expanded, the Dragonfly 3 can accommodate up to 20 pedals!

For ease of travel and portability, the Dragonfly 3 has three built-in handles (both along the length and width) for easy carrying.

When it comes to power supplies, most pedal boards either let you mount them under the board or on top.  The Dragonfly 3’s ingenious angled top tier provides the perfect spot to undermount a power supply.  So not only is it hidden but you can have fast and easy access to it if need be.

The Dragonfly 3 is designed for your pedals to be secured with cable ties, not Velcro.  Its many platform holes let you attach pedals securely wherever you want them, without dealing with adhesives.

All Holeyboard pedal boards are made in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty.

Holeyboard Dragonfly 3.0 Expandable Guitar Effects Pedalboard


  • Well thought out design offer tons of features not found elsewhere
  • Fits up to 20 pedals
  • Lightweight yet very sturdy
  • Expandable and customizable at no additional cost


  • None for the pedalboard itself, but it does not come with a case or carrying bag

Holeyboard Dragonfly 3.0 Expandable Guitar Effects Pedalboard Specs:

Prices accurate as of:

  • Size: Customizable (26″)(32″)(37″) x 18″ x 5.5″
  • Construction: Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Color: Black and Silver
  • Power Supply Mount: Mount under the top deck
  • Comes with: Zip ties (carrying case sold separately)
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