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Design Trends in Music Studios

by | Studio Acoustics

In the old days of recording studios, artists would give anything for the chance to get just a few minutes in front of the microphone. Now, thanks to advances in technology and the explosion of home studios, everyone with a vision can create their own state-of-the-art recording facility. To help you discover what is in and what is out in the world of music studio design, keep reading to discover 7 concepts that are trending in the industry!

1. Top Notch Sound Absorption

Soundproofing a recording studio is not a novel concept. From the days of the earliest garage bands, musicians have used everything from egg cartons to bubble wrap to help reduce echo and keep their noise contained. Fortunately, there are much more practical sound absorption measures for both the commercial musician and the multi-purpose recorder in 2023. From sleek studio acoustic panels that enhance studio wall decor to hanging acoustic clouds that help limit noise transfer in more open commercial spaces, there are a variety of sound reduction products that can reduce echo and prevent unwanted noise for all types of recording purposes. 

2. Durable Flooring

From rolling chairs to grooving artists, instrument swaps, and a constant flow of foot traffic, the floors of music studios will be put to the test more heavily than most types of floors. Therefore, it is critical to explore resilient flooring types to help make your studio as functional and attractive as possible. Durable products such as polished concrete and epoxy terrazzo are not only great due to their ruggedness, but they are easy to clean with just a broom and wet mop, allowing you to focus more on recording and less on upkeep.

3. Functional Furniture

Finding the right kind of furniture involves a delicate balance in recording studios. On one hand, you want a comfortable environment that makes you want to hit the studio. On the other, you have to create an atmosphere conducive to getting work done. Solid surface desks and counters provide a professional appearance and come with a low maintenance, nonporous fabrication. Ample shelving is critical for extra equipment. A love seat makes for a comfortable addition to accommodate guests who are waiting to record.

4. The Right Kind of Decor

A recording studio could be used for a lot of purposes in 2023. There is a chance you are a professional musician, an aspiring TikTok sensation or other type of social media influencer who wants to regularly produce professional content. As such, it is paramount that the space is designed with the decor to match the feel of your recording purpose. While an industrial design with hanging album art may be the best decor for an up-and-coming rock band, rich wood features accented by plants and understated artwork may be better for the studio focused on softer, more melodious sounds. 

5. Technology to Serve Your Needs

It is important to have a computer dedicated to your recording studio. The processing requirements of digital audio workstations (DAW)–used to record, edit, and mix sounds can be quite hefty, so a computer bogged down with viruses and extraneous files is a great way to add inefficiency to the recording process. On the topic of DAWs, there are many options on the market, so be sure to find the software that will best serve the needs of your recording purposes.

It is also essential that your studio be equipped with the appropriate screens. While microphones and headsets have traditionally taken the cake as essential recording studio hardware, much of today’s recorded content is done with live streaming in mind, so it is important that the recording artist be able to receive instantaneous feedback on what this looks like.

6. Power Connections

With the number of computers, devices, microphones, instruments, amps, and everything else that goes into recording a track, the power needs of a recording studio are extensive. While it is critical to have the studio heavily adorned with high-voltage outlets, it is just as important to have an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) on standby. Essentially a giant battery pack that kicks in when a power outage occurs, a UPS can help save a recording session by giving you the power necessary to reach a logical jumpoff point until electricity returns to the studio.

7. Sliding Pocket Doors

Whether in a commercial or home recording facility, space is precious. To help save some square footage lost from a door swinging open, consider installing a sliding pocket door to your recording studio. Not only does this help save space, but it makes it easier to shuffle gear into and out of the studio, should the need arise. 

Stay Trendy With These 7 Key Design Concepts in Music Studios

Thanks to advances in technology and innovative building materials, creating a top-notch music studio is more feasible than ever. To help create a facility that stands out, choose from the 7 trends listed above and start recording today!