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Tips For Guitarists With Small Hands

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Even if you have small hands, playing the guitar is fun and rewarding.  Check out some tips on getting the most out of your guitar playing.

Anyone can learn to play the guitar. All you need is the right motivation, time to practice, and preferably a great teacher. You can find the latter by checking out

However, even if you have the motivation and practice a lot, there are times when it can seem like you’re never going to get the hang of it. This can be particularly concerning for people with small hands learning the guitar. After all, it can simply be difficult to reach the strings.

Take a look at the best guitarists in the world and you’ll see they generally have large hands. But, that shouldn’t stop people with small hands from learning, you simply need to learn which tips you can employ to help you master playing the guitar.

Stretch Regularly

You can’t make your hands bigger than they are but you can improve their flexibility. To do this you need to make sure you stretch your hands every day. The best time to do this is just before you practice every day. It will help you improve flexibility in your hands and warm them up before you start playing.

The best approach is to massage your wrists and forearms before gently pulling each finger away from your hands. You can pull in several different directions to maximize flexibility.

Make The Most Of Your Pinky

Many guitarists don’t use their pinky because the ring finger will easily stretch to cover the highest notes. But, if you have small hands you’re going to need to learn to use your pinky. It avoids the need to stretch and potentially ruin a chord. It will take practice to master using your pinky while playing. But, it will be worth it. You’ll find playing more comfortable.

Stay Behind The Neck

Injuring your thumb will stop you from playing the guitar until it heals. If you have short hands it can often be tempting to wrap your thumb around the front of the neck, ensuring you can hold the guitar tight. However, this increases the likelihood of injuring your thumb. It’s much better to keep your thumb behind the neck, it reduces the tension on your thumb and your wrist.

Invest In A Capo

Many great guitarists feel that using a capo is akin to cheating. However, the truth is, if you have small hands, it can be an invaluable tool to allow you to play notes and chords effectively. In short, it allows you to reach the strings you may otherwise struggle with and create your music.

Get Practicing

If you’re learning to play the guitar it doesn’t matter whether you have small or large hands, the most important element of getting better is to practice. This is when it pays to have a good music teacher. They will ensure you are learning correctly and the notes sound correct.

They can also guide you regarding techniques to help ensure you improve, even if you have small hands. In short, it’s not impossible to learn guitar with short hands, you simply need to practice and develop the techniques that work for you.